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Cement Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine

Cement concrete roof tile making machine can make 2000-4000pcs cement roof tile in a working days,its very simple to operate,low invest cost,high profit.

Cement concrete roof tile making machine

1. High speed of forming, high output and reliable performance. Using PLC(Mitsubishi technology) automatic control, hydraulic pneumatic, the production speed can up to 6-8 pieces/min, in a high yield and a better cost performance.
  2. Prodcuts by pressure filtration pressure forming, beautiful structure, variety, high density and strength, precise size, can meet the demands of various types of buildings, are quality products of concrete products.
  3. A multi-purpose machine, through the replacement of mould, the machine can produce various types main tile and matching tiles.

Production capacity


Rated pressure

130 Ton



Product size



3-4 workers/shift