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ZT600 Terrazzo Tile Machine

ZT600 Terrazzo tile machine using hydraulic principle to make precast terrazzo tiles,this terrazzo tile machine automaticlly transport raw materriles into the terrazzo tile making machine to press the concrete material into a piece terrazzo floor tiles,the terrazzo floor tiles has high intensity,and durable to use,saving manual workers,improving producing capacity,by changing its mold,terrazzo tile making machine can make various size terrazzo tiles,if you have interest,welcome contact us for more details.

ZT600 Terrazzo tile machine

1.Terrazzo tile making machine is suitable to produce terrazzo tiles from 300x300mm 400*400mm 600x600mm to 600*1200mm 900*1200mm size tiles. It adopts imported PLC to control automatically,

only few 3-4 workers can operate this production line.

2. Good quality PLC and advanced design to assure the machine have very stable working performance.
3. This terrazzo tile press machine can be used in several ways by changing the mould. This machine can produce both different sizes terrazzo tiles and roof tiles, just by changing the mould.

4. If you can provide us your tile design, we can produce according to client's requirements.

5.The raw materials: cement, stone powder and stone chips

6.Terrazzo is widely demand in the terrazzo tile market: indoors,plaza, hotel,sidewalks, communities, hospitals, schools,subway.

Terrazzo tile machine

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