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Stone Marble Concrete Granite Terrazzo Bush Hammering Machine

Stone marble concrete granite terrazzo bush hammering machine

Stone marble concrete granite bush hammering machine

1.    The device with low power consumption, its power consumption than traditional continuous mill 1/3.


2.    Operation control system using PLC terminal control,through the LCD touch screen parameter settings,a grinding head lifting and polishing is controlled by pneumatic pressure,thesize of demand in theset value can be adjusted.


3.    Grinding head of grinding speed and lateral plate feeding speed by frequency control and in the range of set value set flexibly.


4.    Automatic feeding,grinding head intelligent identification plate shape for continuous grinding and polishing of high production efficiency,low cost,a set of device against multi-ple hand grinding or bridge typesemi automatic mill production efficiency.

Full automatic Bush Hammering Machine is your ideal machine to process litchi surface with high production, easy operation and perfect result. The head is adjusted automatically with same depth, lower cost and lower breakage rate. Different size, irregular shape or thin slab with 10mm are all acceptable to process litchi surface.

Machine heads


Main motor power


Total power